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5 Characteristics of My Photography Style

This is not a subject I would normally enjoy writing about. Explaining your style is quite difficult to do in just a few lines, since a style sums up everything about you, your values, your dreams, your beliefs. And, how could I bring all that defines me into just a few sentences?

I will, however, try to explain a little bit what you will get when you hire me.

First of all, you will get :

  1. Honesty and integrity. I hate being one person in my private life and a different person in my professional life. I know this is frown upon by many but I believe that, in the photography industry, being yourself is the first step to connecting to your clients and making memories that will last for ever.  I like to have long chats with my clients, go for lunches and get to know them when the threat of a big bad camera is nowhere in sight:).  It gives me such joy to hear their stories, get a sense of who they are and show parts of me that would make them trust me. After a few nice chats, when the time to shoot comes, they will already have gotten so comfortable to being themselves around me, that the whole session they will feel safe and free to be who they usually are. Which brings me to the second characteristic of my style:
  2. Spontaneity and rawness. Once the couple is used to me, knows me as a human being that they can relate to in more areas of their lives, they become open during the photo session. Because we already know each other, I can take the camera out and they will not feel shy or terrified by it. I’ve always believed that it is so much better to be photographed by a friend than by a stranger, so this is what I achieve by offering my friendship to my clients: they open up, loosen their edges and become themselves. Then, natural, authentic and raw moments will occur, and the couple can enjoy being in each other’s presence without feeling awkward in front of the camera.
  3. Airy and pastel. While I enjoy moody and dark images just as much as the next gal, my heart feels home in the presence of light. While choosing a location, I like to make sure there are natural reflectors that would reflect gorgeous light unto my couple’s faces. Pavements, sand, dusty paths, anything neutral in color that would catch the light from above, will result in amazing and very flattering skin tones, as well as give an airy and pastel overall look to the images.
  4. Artistic and minimalist. I’ve always had these images in my mind, formed by peaks of light and dancing words, and it is through these images that I interpret life. I can never explain my feelings or the universe of thoughts that webs my brain day by day, but I can say one thing though: I need to observe details and relive feeling though their depth. When I’m with a couple, my heart sees what my heart deems as important: the dimple in the cheek that smiles to the one he loves, the hands that hold each other through thick and thin, the ray beams that kiss her hair, the soft breeze that makes them hold each other tighter. I am not a fan of wide angle shots, because I believe the focus is then lost from what truly matters. Locations are beautiful and important, but the focus should be the people, their feelings and what they emanate through their closeness. A simple, minimalist background is perfect for presenting YOU and what you are to each other.
  5. Fun! I think a day without laughter is lost. Really, we have been through a lot in our family, but we never allowed ourselves to forget to laugh and keep a fun spirit through it all. And this is what I want to bring in my sessions. I will do anything to make you laugh (just don’t make me speak too much Dutch, I will then be required to join the circus), we will keep a light and fun mood throughout the shoot, so that you can feel as comfortable as possible (and forget about the dreaded “what to do with my hands??”!). 

When you meet me, you will meet ME. I will bring myself to you and make sure you will bring YOURSELVES. We will be free around each other and honest about our dreams and expectations. We will have fun, I will intoxicate you with my too strong of a coffee and, by the time we start shooting, you will feel like you know me and will be able to loosen up and be your own lovely self.

Here’s to a wonderful time together!


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