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5 Reasons why a Couple Shoot Should Be On Your Bucket List


Couple shoot.

Sounds like a dream? Or more like a nightmare?

If it’s the second, know that I get you, I so totally get you. I have no problem doing selfies together with my hubbie, but God forbid we are ever in front of someone’s camera, cause we’ll start making faces and getting all awkward with each other. Seriously, we have to tell ourselves all the things I tell my clients to make them loosen up and be themselves, and then we start behaving normally:).

So let me tell you why having a couple shoot is so amazing:


This is a big one! Aren’t we all so busy all the time, writing things down and checking things off, getting tangled in the everyday life, that we forget to just BE with each other? We forget that we deserve some time off and have lovely, quality moments with the one we love. While there’s nothing else you’d rather do than snuggle on the couch and watch “The Walking Dead” together, one or two hours away from any distraction and any temptation of technology is gonna do you both SO good! You will be close to each other, hold hands, kiss and whisper in each other’s ear, you will make each other laugh and feel more in love than before the shoot started.


Facebook has this thing where it sends you a slideshow with pictures of you and one of your friends, showing your “facebook friendship” history from a few years ago up until the present. Now how fun is it to see those images and be like “oh, snap! that was like 5 years ago!! how awesome was that??”. You get a thrill (and also a bit freaked out at realizing how quickly time goes by…) and you get lost in the moment and remember those good ole’ times. I LOVE THAT! And I also love going home for holidays and browsing through my parents’ albums: it is so much fun talking about the days they had and the people they were. And I know I WANT THAT. I want good pictures of us, that I print out and keep them for the days we’re gray and old, when the iPhone pictures are long gone and our grandkids are dying to see pictures of grandma and grandpa in their 20s, crazy in love and taking on the world!


I love writing, you know I do. Without words, I would feel lost and empty. But same goes for pictures. To me, written words are not the only way to tell a story. Images can do that too, they can talk about you and your lifestyle. During your shoot, you can go to locations that mean something to you or walk through your favorite park, drink a coffee at your favorite coffee place, check out art, cook dinner together, anything that would make you feel comfortable. Everything can help tell your story and that will be a lovely memory for the future!


Afraid of not knowing what to do with your hands during the shoot? Of having to smile until your jaws hurt? Of me asking you to do these cheesy poses? Not to worry. While I am absolutely obsessed with cheese -in any shape and form- I most definitely do not like it on my photos. There will be no awkwardness, because I get you, I know it’s hard to be natural in front of a stranger, so this is why we’ll get to be friends first: we will relax, we will chat, we will laugh, we will get to the point where you guys can be yourselves in front of me and then the big, bad camera won’t look so big and bad anymore.


I think every good thing needs to be celebrated in life! We won’t ever have these moments again, so we gotta make the most of them. Birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, getting pregnant, buying a house, gifting your best friend a photo shoot or just the fact that you love each other and doing life together, should be celebrated. My husband and I have all these photographs of us from different moments in our lives and we feel so blessed and happy everytime we look at them. Those were the moments we want to keep alive.  And I can do the same for you, capture those precious times, and I will do it with such joy in my heart, because I know how precious good moments are.


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