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7 fun and relaxing DATE NIGHT Ideas!

Have your date nights started to slowly vanish into the abyss?

Perhaps the reason you don’t pursue date nights anymore is because they seem unnecessary. You know each other, you’ve got each other and, on top of that, you’ve got bills, jobs and perhaps even kids. Who has time or energy for date nights, right? With so much on your mind every day, it’s quite hard to think and plan a relaxing evening for just the two of you.

The thing is, this should be one of the highlights of your week! A relaxing evening just with your guy/gal can actually take a load off your shoulder, make you forget about bills and the fact that tomorrow you gotta go back to your stressful job.

So, here are some ideas to get you out of the rut and put you right back in the fire zone! (fire for each other, of course!:D)

  1. Tourist Date – Take a drive or, even better, the train and go to a town near yours. Be adventurous, walk streets you’ve never walked before, eat little bits at lots of snack corners (or even stop at a restaurant if you’re in a spending mood). Just be someplace new, together.  And most important, don’t forget to take lots of selfies (cause hey, you’re a tourist and tourists take selfies like nobody’s business!)
  2. Break a sweat together – This has been my favorite lately! My husband and I (oh and the little munchkin, yes we take her too) are biking often to either new and exciting areas of our town, that we haven’t seen before, or we go outside of town and just enjoy the evening breeze, the awesome workout and the loveliest conversations. So do that, take your bikes out or just go jogging, all for the pleasure of being in each other’s company, without having a destination like the supermarket or other errands you’d be tempted to do.
  3. Turn Date night to Date Morning  Wake up, on a Saturday morning, and start the day together: kiss each other (morning breath and all, who even cares at this point?), drink your coffee together, prepare a delicious breakfast and just hang out at the kitchen/dining room table. If you still read newspapers, go ahead and do that, read out loud and comment over the articles, or pick up the daily devotional and turn that into a wonderful time with God (that’s gonna be a win-win-win!)
  4. Relieve one of your first dates  Can you remember one of the nicest first dates you’ve had? Have some fun recreating that evening! If you still have the clothes you wore then, takes them out and wear them. Try to go through all the steps of that date you loved and enjoy reminiscing the good ole’ times!
  5. No talk date   Sometimes, the days can be heavy and overwhelming. My husband has that often, he gets home from work and all he wants to do is lay on the couch and do nothing. That’s okay! It’s okay to just be together and not say much at all. So, how do you turn that into a Date Night? You get your sweat pants on, you order takeout or you pop in a frozen pizza in the oven, and you pop in a MOVIE! Here’s a list of 30 BEST MOVIES of all times to watch with your guy/gal!
  6. Picnic in the park – Especially now, with this lovely weather, take advantage of the evening summer smell and bring your blanket and picnic basket to the park or to the beach. Enjoy some cucumber sandwiches or even bring your portable barbecue and grill some hamburgers! Ok, now I’m drooling all over the keyboard..
  7. Spend a night at a hotel – Ok, this isn’t as cheap as all the other date night ideas, but it is oooooh so worth it!!! We did this a few times and those were some of our best memories. We aren’t really obsessed with saving money because, after losing many loved people due to illnesses or random accidents, we’ve reached the point where saving every cent seems so useless so, from time to time, we’d indulge ourselves. Or save up for a lovely weekend away, or an awesome concert, or just a TREAT YO SELF day. And those remain wonderful memories, I tell ya.

So here you have it, 7 ideas for a date night for next time you want some quality time with just the two of you! I wish you always have excitement in your relationship but, since we’re all realists here and we know that ain’t gonna be possible all the time, I just wish you everlasting love for your Person, through quiet or noisy times, chaos, mess, order, valleys and mountaintops. Your love will carry you through it all!

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