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Leon+Leonie: intimate and magical wedding in Zuidwolde

There are some people that just touch your heart in a way that’s hard to describe. Leon and Leonie are those kind of people and I am so happy to present them to you, to relive my experience with them though this blog.

They have endured hardships and big bumps in the road, but never gave up. While planning their perfect wedding, they found out Leon had diabetes. They had to change their entire lifestyle and learn how to live in their new reality, but kept going forward and embracing every hardship they’d encountered with bravery and their characteristic humor. Shortly before the wedding, Leon had his bachelor party where, in the midst of fun, something less fun happened: he broke his leg. Doctor’s verdict was brutal: his leg would have to stay in a cast for weeks until after the wedding. Can you imagine the disappointment, after you’ve dreamt and planned a perfect wedding, bought the perfect shoes (by the way, check out those awesome shoes in the photos below!!), imagined yourself walking and dancing, booked a wonderful honeymoon for the day after, to suddenly find yourself having to adjust, again, to a new reality. But they, in their infinite patience and kindness to each other, did this with much grace.

On their wedding day, they were more in love than ever. It did not matter that he was only wearing one of his fancy shoes, they made up for it by matching the color of the cast to the suit. It did not matter that his leg would get tired, they got a wheelchair and had a blast rolling him around at the photo shoot. Leonie filled his cast with words of love and later in the day vowed to always stand by his side, no matter what.

People bring beauty everywhere around them. Circumstances change all the time and often, to the worst, but people have an infinite river of strength running through their veins, and they can pour out beauty through their courage and their pursuit of dreams. You might think “perfect wedding” and imagine those out of this world beautiful things you see on instagram or pinterest, but perfect is the wedding where the groom can barely walk on his cased foot and his bride offers him her shoulder to lean on, where, behind the scenes of the photo shoot, his father carries the wheelchair for hours and her sister is constantly there to help them in case they need anything. Perfection is in the things we cannot see with our eyes; it’s where we look with the heart.

Thank you, sweet Leonie and Leon, for being my dream clients, for receivingĀ us with arms wide open and placing your trust in us. Your life seems like a wonderful adventure and I am so happy you have each other to taste each victory with!


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