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Welcome, friends! So glad you’re here!

Hi friends!

So glad you’re here!

I am Ruth, a Romanian girl living in the Netherlands and a raging coffee lover that can’t tell the difference between decaf and regular. Married to my awesome husband, Daniel (who is also my second shooter), and a mom to our little angel Evelyn. To me, this makes a full life. That, and french fries. Ain’t no life without fries!

My photography style is all about simplicity and realness. I believe that each couple is beautiful and unique and deserves more than just a collection of pretty pictures: you deserve an experience, deserve to have a photographer you can connect with on a deeper level, that you can have fun with, share with. Knowing my clients and having a click with them is the most important thing to me, because this ensures that I serve them with all my best!

I will do anything to make you feel at ease, to make you laugh, to give you the feeling that we’ve known each other forever and you can be yourselves around me. I will make it as simple as possible for you, no crazy poses but rather, focus on the real, natural moments between you two.

Your wedding is not just a job for me! It deserves to be celebrated and you deserve to have an amazing experience! So let’s chat more about this over a cup of coffee or a huge bowl of fried potatoes and see how we can make your wishes come true!



I’ve had the words above printed and kept on my desk for years now. Acts 20:35 also bears a quote worth remembering: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” The problem with quotes (as with anything else in life, really) is that, if repeated long enough, it kind of loses its meaning, it can become a meaningless sound. Semantic satiation, they call it. But lately I’ve started trying to see it as a brand new text, see what it means to me now, years later. And my eyes were open.


My purpose is YOU. Serving you, giving all my best to you.

You are BEAUTIFUL. PRECIOUS. ONE OF A KIND. When I meet you, I want to see you. Really SEE you. I want to know what makes you laugh, cry, what makes you come alive, what your story is. I want to know you, so that I can give you better and more. Because you deserve more. You will not be the missing piece of the picture, where locations, details, stuff are the other pieces. You will be the picture itself! You are one of a kind, so you will be the focus. My focus. My photography is all about you and the life you breathe, your story and its impact on the world.


a   G I F T   f o r   y o u