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Albert, Bernita and the colors of love

You guys.. It ain’t easy.
It’s not easy living in a country whose language I barely speak and I knooow, I know, it’s my fault, I’m not determined enough, I’m not rested enough, I don’t make enough time for that.

But my clients get it and THEY . ROCK.

With Albert and Bernita I’ve had lovely conversations, them speaking Dutch to me and I English to them. It was so much fun and also so helpful, to get me even more used to the language. But more than the fun conversations, they’ve given me so much clarity on my dream, into the vision I have for this business. These are the people that I LOVE to work for:

in love






helpers of people.

The ones that open their hearts to me and let me see what they’re made of, they let their guard down and together we explore the magic of life. While Albert is often away training in the military with a burning love for his country, Bernita helps restore broken people, people that have once made mistakes but want to find a better way. They both help the humanity and this only goes to show what an amazing heart they have. Oh, and let’s not forget their smiles, as warm as sunshine on a dark winter day.

And what could’ve been more fitting to that, than a session during golden hour?

a   G I F T   f o r   y o u