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Are you my dream client?


You are in love, madly and utterly in love and you love showing it.

You dream of a healthy marriage and you are willing to do anything in your power to make that happen.

Your family is your everything.

You love laughing and you would tell your favorite jokes a million times, even if nobody laughed at them anymore.

You love good conversations and you would choose a flower or a simple word of kindness over a material gift.

You are private, but also able to share and let others see parts of your soul. You cherish friendships and you jump into them with all your being.

You don’t freak out and obsess over every little thing that happens while planning your wedding: you know that what matters most is marrying the love of your life and sharing that moment with all your loved ones.

You love a bit of glam in your life so, while you absolutely rock those leggings and the oversized shirt, you won’t be afraid to throw on some heels on sip champagne at your best friend’s party.

You want to hire me because you love my work and not ask me to recreate other photographer’s images, by that inspiring me to create and not merely capture.

You trust me to document your memories. You know I am all about you and doing my best to capture your personality, your love, your values, your beauty. You understand my vision and you realize that you are one of a kind and should be treated as such.

OPTIONAL: You love french fries and you’re getting super pissed when others wanna share your portion! (if you are, then let’s be friends, because I’m pretty much done with my husband always stealing my fries!)

a   G I F T   f o r   y o u