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A day in the life of a working mom

Let me tell you a bit about what happens BEHIND THE SCENES in the life of a photographer (ok, just mine):

You wake up around 9 (cause you work from home and you’re lazy and you have a baby who THANKFULLY loves her sleep!), drink your coffee, feed your baby, play around a bit, put baby back to sleep at 11am and come down to WORK.

Prepare your working station (a.k.a. laptop on your lap, on the couch) and decide to have another coffee, obviously.

While in the kitchen, realize that some cleaning would be most welcomed so you start doing dishes, washing your stove, you know, things you normally wouldn’t do in a million years. You suddenly are sooo in the mood to do them now. And so passes the day until late afternoon, when inspiration hits you.

You run to your laptop and you start freaking out, because there is just so much to do: write blog posts in advance, write down IDEAS for future blog posts, respond to emails, manage your content calendar and try like crazy to stick to it and stay consistent, write newsletters to your followers, work on opt-ins for your website (currently working on a big one!), improve your website, remember you can do this and that, if you mess up, you’ll come out of it that much wiser and with renewed powers for tackling on the next thing.

So, before you know it, it’s midnight and all you wanna do is sleep (of course, in the meantime, you’ve put baby to sleep, had another coffee (decaf now, cause, look at the time..) and managed to squeeze an episode or two (or three or four🙄) of The Walking Dead with your hubbie, snuggled on the couch next to your “work station”. And you just know and you vow to yourself that tomorrow you’ll be more organized. Sounds familiar? Thought so. And if it doesn’t, please receive my token of appreciation and an imaginary bow in front of your amazing organizational skills and power to stick to the schedule!

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