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Debora and Wilmer’s wedding shoot at the Dominicanenklooster Zwolle

Ok, it’s quite difficult to focus on writing a sensible introduction to these wonderful people, while Evelyn is listening to “Vier kleine visjes” on the background, but I’ll give it a try:). Won’t promise that the romantic in me is gonna break into lyrics anytime soon though! (unless they rime with “visjes).

So, here they are, in all their wonderful beauty, Wilmer and Debora. They’ve loved, they’ve struggled, they’ve fought and conquered all. They’ve loved each other through thick and thin and those big hearts they both possess found relief in each other on this amazing day.

Oh, what a day that was! So much harmony all around, smiling faces and emotions running high. Debora and her mom prepared at the Dominicanenkooster Zwolle, the monastery where Debora had lived in for the past year. This church is breathtakingly beautiful and full of history, so you guys simply have to check it out next time you’re in town!

They said “yes” in front of the law at the restaurant Hofvlietvilla and were married by the most amazing ceremony officiant we’ve met so far! (check her out here if you’re planning to get married!) They’ve then said “yes” in front of the God who carried them through it all, at the Noorderkerk Zwolle, and “yes” in front of parents with wet eyes, siblings with burning hearts and friends full of good wishes.

If you’re following my Instagram account, you know I’m obsessed with Debora’s wedding dress. It was truly one of the prettiestĀ things I’ve ever seen and no wonder, as it was custom made! If you’re looking for someone to make a unique dress for you, one that completely matches your style, be sure to check it out here!

Wilmer decided to break tradition (you know, the one with borrowing an old, classic car to drive you around on your wedding day) and went straight to the Audi dealership atĀ Pouw Zwolle and got this beauty that you’ll see in the pictures below. I mean, a wedding is not ALL about the bride’s wishes, am I right?:D

So enough chit chat, I’ll let you bask in the beauty of their wedding day, it was indeed a special one!
Debora and Wilmer, you guys are in our hearts! As the minions would say, “Tulaliloo ti amo!”- We love you guys!

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