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DREAMERS and DOERS: how to make your dreams a reality

Do you ever feel confused, unable, less than? Wanting to say yes to greater challenges but being unable to, on account of fears holding you down?

Are the voices inside your head making you feel small and insignificant? Do they turn down the volume on your dreams and turn it up on the voice of doubt?

Let me start with a little story. There’s this game we were playing with my siblings in law, where a player of each two teams will describe a secret word, and the others have to guess it. You have 30 seconds to guess as many words as possible and we were always so pumped up while playing.  At one point, my brother in law had to describe the word “dream”. He gives this hint to his team: “I have a…” and my husband, driven by adrenaline, promptly screams out: “speech!”.

Uhm.. while Martin Luther King did, indeed, have many speeches, the riveting phrase that echoed the world was “I have a DREAM.” He could’ve led with “I have a plan.” or “I have a strategy”, but he said he had a dream. Because it is through dreams that we can make a difference, we can change lives (ours and the ones of others), we can build strategies and develop goals. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING has ever happened without having been dreamed and imagined first. It all starts with a dream, friends!

My dear, I believe this life is way too short to play it safe. I believe we should dream and work for that to happen, instead of settling for something that doesn’t feel right. The problem is, most of the times, Reality will trump over your dreams, through the voice of Doubt and Reason.

DOUBT will come screaming in your ears, telling you “I don’t think that’s a good idea”. If you are a stay at home mom and would like to start a small business, that voice will tell you “But why would I matter? How could I even run a business while taking care of my family and the household?” Doubt exists, it is part of your reality, but it should not belong in a dream.

REASON also comes to throw some sand in our eyes. If, for example, you want to quit your safe, 8am-5pm job and pursue your own dream, the voice of Reason will tell you “Common, get real. You’ll die of hunger before you even reach your dream. Stay here where it’s safe.” Reason is good, it keeps you focused and down to earth, but it can also sabotage you! These voices can create confusion and bring a dark cloud over your vision. They will project doubts, fears and insecurities into your dreams.

Your DREAM might say “I want to lose weight by the end of this year”. REALITY will whisper “Uhmm.. I don’t think so. New York Pizza has a 1+1 free Action this entire month. We’ll start working on that dream next month.” If you parallel the two, what are you most committed to? Your dream or the reality? I’ll bet you it’s the latter. There is this safety net in the real world, that we love to be surrounded by. Sucky thing is, it projects procrastination and doubts into our dreams and those become real obstacles on our way to accomplishment.

To help you achieve more clarity into what truly matters to you and how to turn those dreams to reality, I have created a WORKBOOK that you can download below. Dreams of all kinds, either personal ones like: relationships, traveling the world, having a healthier life, making more time for your friends or professional ones, like: setting business goals. turning your hobby into a job, switching up careers, -you name it-, they all have potential to come true! You just need a strategy to help you out!

Why a workbook? Because, when you write things down, you gain clarity. Dreams that are just in your mind and not set on paper, are just wishes. Our minds tend to get so cluttered by millions of images and thoughts, so take out your pen and get to work. Remove the clutter and start to focus. For a dream to be brought into the real world, it first needs to be written down.

You will dig deep into your passions, obsessions, skills and find out which dream DEFINES you, which dream is worth pursuing and sacrificing anything in order to achieve it. You will tackle Reality and kick some Doubt and Insecurity ass with an awesome strategy! You will also get a personal example of one of my latest dreams that I have managed to bring to life. 

I am SO excited about this, guys! I’ve seen too much brokenness, burnouts, depression and unfulfilment around (including my own) and this just can’t be a way to live our lives. We should thrive, not just survive! We should be DREAMERS and also DOERS! So grab your FREE workbook below and get to work! You are more than capable to change your life! I believe in you!


In hopes that I could help you in a more concrete way, I have created a survey with a few specific questions. Head on over to the FORM and drop a few lines, and I will try to address those matters in future posts! 



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