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Our holiday, and why Romania is HOME

I’ve learnt a lot this holiday. Most important thing I’ve learnt, is that I never wanted to leave again.

They say home is where the heart is.

Or that home is a person, or that it’s where you feel most at ease.

But I think home is where it makes sense.

And to me, nothing makes more sense than Romania. Because that’s where my past rises from the deep like an abandoned island, because on those streets I’ve walked to find purpose, to its mountains I’ve ran to discover their heights, greedy for its wind and stars I’ve travelled from person to person and met people that have forever remained alive in my soul.

It’s my home, because that’s where everything makes most sense to me. My husband, my daughter, us as a family make most sense there.

I’m inlove with the whole country because there, somewhere, in a house I don’t know, lives the one whose light guided my path through teenagehood.

Because it makes me nostalgic and reminds me of people that have shaped me.

Because my family is there, and I can’t imagine living a life away from them.

Because of Monny, because of Miha…

Because of Roxi.

Because summers are summers and winters are winters there. And the rain is beautiful and smells like wallnuts and the clouds are not heavy, but rather soft fluff that brings color to my skies.

It makes sense. It makes sense to be there..

To see Evelyn extatic, to see her run around with other kids and learn to be social and run and explore together with her cousin.

To see my own cousin again, after 6 years and one ocean apart -one of the bravest women I’ve ever met- and to fall inlove with her heart all over again.

To see my extended family, my grandmas, my grandpa, oh and my uncles and cousins play music and make the whole house vibrate with the joyful sounds.

My mom…

It’s where it all comes together and makes sense. Where my soul has no doubt.

I haven’t taken many pictures during this holiday, because I’ve decided to live every second to the max, but, the ones that I did take, I’ll treasure forever. It was one of the most overwhelming holidays ever, one that will echo in my heart for a long time to come. So let me share with you a bit of the beauty we’ve lived in just 3 shorts weeks…

a   G I F T   f o r   y o u