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Is motherhood worth it?

Motherhood can often feel overwhelming and your feelings can swing like crazy monkeys in the jungle, from joy and cheer to uncertainty and anxiety. Your moods change as often as your socks do and your coffee dates with your best friend need to be scheduled now according to baby’s nap times.

It is so challenging, being a mom, yet we do it so bravely. We celebrate each pregnancy, we take hundreds of pictures of our tummies, we spend countless hours planning the nursery and shopping for outfits that will be puked on and ruined for ever and ever. We go through heavy labors, we grind our teeth and swear next time we’ll get an epidural, and when that baby is out and laying on our chest, we forget that pain has ever existed.

Until pain comes again, in the form of doubt, making us feel not enough as mothers, making us second guess every decision we take that concerns our child. We fight battles, inner battles that no one but a mom will ever understand and we live for endless amounts of snuggles and sticky little hands that reach out to ours.

We fight with anxiety and worry that something terrible might happen to our kids and then they fall asleep on our chest or you watch them make each other laugh and your soul suddenly does not feel that heavy anymore.

It is a thankless, yet overwhelmingly gratifying job, worth every single tear, every unslept night. To know that WE are their whole world, the ones they look up to and learn to be amazing human beings from, must be the greatest feeling of all times.

Here’s to one of these amazing mothers, Anne, who lovingly raises her daughter and son and feels like the proudest momma in the world. You sure have reasons to be, sweetie!


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