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Janine and Henk-Jan: Intimate wedding in Bredevoort

It never ceases to amaze me, the power people receive to march through life despite facing heavy struggles. Janine and Henk-Jan is one of those people, and their relationship is built on a powerful foundation, raised by the hard times they had encountered in the past. Their love, affection and grace they show one another is borderline humbling and beautiful. They care for each other in such sweet ways, always with a smile on their face, hearts always connected.

Janine’s father passed away a while ago, leaving a brokenhearted mother, three daughters and a son behind but, just like in the story of Job, God did not let pain have its final word. He brought in their mom’s life a man, also a widower and, together, they were able to dig reaches of love out of what was once broken. They became a family, Janine gained a new father and, on top of that, SIX new brothers and sisters! Knowing their story, I had gone to their house in Aalten prepared to tear up. And boy did I ever! That family is SO united, so warm and loving.. It touched the core of my being, seeing them having so much fun together, standing strong despite the absence of a father and a mother. There was indeed loss in their life, but there was also gain. When Janine was walked down the isle by her step father, everybody’s tears said just that: loss is not forever. The song might have ended, but the melody keeps lingering for years to come.

The whole day was bathed in laughter, emotion and unity. Henk-Jan’s family was the perfect fit to Janine’s family. Seriously, these people were so amazingly warm and getting along so well, that you’d say they had all been related. It was so humbling to see that many people get along so well, everybody mingling, everyone having fun, kids running along and charming the place with their joyful laughter.

And Henk-Jan and Janine… these people represent everything I love about couples: affection, grace, closeness. They were madly in love and showed it the entire time. The photoshoot seemed doomed from the beginning, what with the pouring rain and the cold, but they grabbed the umbrellas and went crazy! Posed in the full rain, not caring that the day had just begun and the hair would get wet and the suit would get stained. All it mattered was that, today, it’s the day. The day they become man and wife and all their loved ones would witness that.

I am forever grateful to you, Janine and Henk-Jan, for trusting us to document your day, for showing so much kindness towards us, for letting us see a glimpse of your past and rejoice with you in the beauty of the present. We have learned a lot from you and feel so blessed to be able to blog your story today!

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