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To love or not to love

I admit, I don’t love much. Not everybody. Some people annoy me and make me wanna punch them in the face. Or erase any memory of them having ever been in my life.
But what a sad way to live a life.
And what a total breaking of Jesus’ commandments.
We are commanded to love, not to feel love. Our feelings are confusing and often misguided, our affections can be here today and gone tomorrow, but it’s what we do that counts.
I have no feelings of affection towards certain neighbors, but that shouldn’t stop me from taking an interest in their life, inviting them for coffee and trying to bring some light in their life.
I don’t necessarily feel love towards strangers, but that won’t stop me from displaying love, for helping them out if they drop their groceries, picking them up if they slip and fall on the wet supermarket floor, offering a helping hand in whatever they might need.
We can’t help what we feel. But we should act accordingly to Jesus’ command. And doing will soon become feeling. That’s how love often works.

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