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My baby is a toddler. Oh joy.

This is my happiness, this is my healing. Her laughter, her shoulders when she dances, those sweet lips that kiss anything and anyone, her words, her affections.

She came after a painful loss and made my sky bright again. She was everything I needed to heal my broken spirit: sleeping a lot, never crying, never in pain, smart and active from the first days, emotional and always smiling. The birth was difficult, but having her was easy…

And now she’s a toddler, and I feel that the easy days are behind us. She is walking by herself and I’ve never been so worried. I’m constantly walking behind her, to protect her from falling, hitting her head, breaking her lips open. I am obsessed with her not getting hurt and this is sucking out all my energy. It’s bad, I know, kids should fall and learn and explore the world. But.. so soon? Must she walk so soon? Must she run around all day and not spend hours with me in bed anymore, taking selfies, kissing and cuddling? Is that period over so soon? Please tell me it’s just a phase and, when this new spurt of walking and discovering gets boring, she’ll turn back to being the kid who hangs out with me for hours!

I miss my little baby so much, but I do enjoy each stage she encounters. I only wish each stage lasted like 6 months! Why must time fly by so rapidly?

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