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I don’t like lots of things.

Parents rarely let go of their children, that’s a fact. Children do let go of their parentsView full post »

Filled Tortellini with Brown Butter and Sage Sauce + tomato-basil bruschetta

Ooooh you guys, I thought growing old would take longer! But no. Noooo, sir. Time sneaks up on meView full post »

5 Reasons why a Couple Shoot Should Be On Your Bucket List

Couple shoot. Sounds like a dream? Or more like a nightmare? If it’s the second, knowView full post »

A day in the life of a working mom

Let me tell you a bit about what happens BEHIND THE SCENES in the life of a photographer (ok, justView full post »

Albert, Bernita and the colors of love

You guys.. It ain’t easy. It’s not easy living in a country whose language I barelyView full post »

DREAMERS and DOERS: how to make your dreams a reality

Do you ever feel confused, unable, less than? Wanting to say yes to greater challenges but beingView full post »

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