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I’m much too old!

I’m almost 29! A part of me (a big part actually) is freaking out, not only because I see allView full post »


Why hello there, wonderful people! If you know me, you know I dream A LOT. I have a millionView full post »

Debora and Wilmer, engagement shoot at the beach

I’m listening to “How long will I love you” by Jon Boden, Sam Sweeney & BenView full post »

7 fun and relaxing DATE NIGHT Ideas!

Have your date nights started to slowly vanish into the abyss? Perhaps the reason you don’t pursueView full post »


Hi theeeere! Just a quick post to let you know an important thing about me: I LOVE STOCKView full post »

How to choose your wedding photographer?

I bet you usually read this type of articles on wedding inspiration blogs and not really hear itView full post »

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