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there are no streets to walk on
no path that i can follow, nothing to lead me further,
my faith, my pride, my kindness
are now shards i walk on.

everything once golden
has never reached my shadow, and Lord I’ve tried.
i’ve tried.

after sailling for so long
through patches of lightness,
then darkness,
then lightness,
they say the land will change you,
more than the dissatisfaction of looking outwards
from the middle of the sea
to what you could never

peace eluded me,
i’ve burned my ship
and waited
for home to find me again.
for so long i’ve waited.

and what is in me now?
what remains of my sea, my shoes,
my broken, walked in shoes?
just hollow.

what will i become if i lose this fight,
if he dies and my faith dies with him,
if the one i love is broken
and home will never find us again,
if through this we plunge towards oblivion
and the sea will swallow us
before we make it inland?

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