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Tips for Engagement photos

Oh, how i love engagement sessions! They might seem scary to you, knowing you’ll be in front of a big camera and a person you don’t know that well (me!), but i promise you, you’re gonna have so much fun! This is actually the perfect time to get to know me better and see how i work, as well as for you to have some casual and relaxed time together. You will laugh (as I’ve already told you, i will do anything to make you laugh! I would even wear bunny ears while shooting-but that’s the mom in me talking), you will unwind and just enjoy a bit of time with each other. You might be wondering what the perfect location would be, what you should wear, how to look your best (natural and not at all stiff), what the perfect time for shooting would be. Well then, without further ado let’s dig right in, shall we?

~ WHERE TO SHOOT? Honestly, this shouldn’t be an issue at all! It is not about the place, but about the people. About you. You, my lovely couple, will be the center of the attention, you will be the main focus, so don’t worry too much about the background. Let’s choose a place that breathes YOU. If you love cooking, we can even shoot in your kitchen while you’re preparing your favorite meal. If you love long walks, let’s shoot in a national park, if you love the urban, let’s move the fun to the city center. Simple locations are the best backdrop, allowing you to be yourselves and not worrying about a too busy background. So let’s go with simplicity and feeling comfortable.

~ WHAT TO WEAR? I usually recommend having two outfits prepared: one casual and one a bit more dressy. Wear what you feel comfortable in and coordinate your colors a little bit, but avoid matchy-matchy outfits. That just gives everyone a headache. Here’s a Pinterest board of fun ideas: click here.  As for you, dear ladies, this is the time to get that makeup artist you’ve had the pleasure of booking for your wedding, to do a trial make up on you. Ask her to add a bit extra mascara, bit of shimmer, even some falsies, as cameras tend to flatten out the features a tad. When it comes to makeup when being photographed, MORE IS MORE. So don’t be afraid to go a bit bold in terms of color, eye liner, blush. It will all look amazing in your photographs! If you haven’t found a make up artist yet, give my friend Joy a call. She’s an absolutely amazing artist that will give her best to make you look at yourself in the mirror and be like “dang, girl! you hot!”

~ HOW TO LOOK YOUR BEST? We both know your best is when you’re you, when natural breathes out of your pores and you don’t look stiff like you were held at gunpoint. So, how do we achieve that when there’s a photographer pointing at you her big bad camera? Firstly, know that it’s normal to feel uncomfortable. We are not all born models and most of us have no idea what to do with our hands, where to look, how to look. But this feeling will pass, as I will give you room to breathe; we will walk together, laugh, get comfortable with being in each other’s presence, until you will have forgotten I’m there. I will tell you how it’s all about you two, how you should interact with each other, not look in the camera but look at each other, be comfortable, talk about getting some takeout after this (Thuisbezorgd, yeeeey!), laugh and be in love. This moment is for you too, so enjoy it fully and forget the camera is even there. It seems hard to do, but I will help you every step of the way.:)

~ WHAT’S THE BEST LIGHT? Ohhhh, the light.. Golden hour, my friends, this is what you want for your session! The light leading up and during the sunset is the most flattering and beautiful light. Using natural reflectors will reflect the light on you skin and hair, and just imagine that warm light surrounding the background! Yum! So even though it’s not always convenient to shoot so late, keep in mind that this is, indeed, the perfect time, and it is so totally worth doing it!



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