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Welcome packet for my lovely clients

My welcoming packet is finished and I am so happy to reveal it to you!

First of all, Photographers, if you read this, please know that clients are important! And Clients, if you read this, please know that YOU are important! Not just because you bring money in our pockets, (which i don’t mind one bit, by the way!) but because you truly matter!

You are people that need to be appreciated for who they are, your time with your photographer has to be a wonderful experience, one through which you get served and loved for the amazing people that you are! Your expectations, insecurities, worries and hard work must be acknowledged, and this is why I’m running my business the way I do. Because i see you as unique people who deserve the best, so I am giving just that, my best, to meet your needs and help you be at easy throughout the months before your wedding.

This is what I’m trying to achieve through this packet. I have put together a collection of folders and brochures that you can use for being stress-free while planning your wedding.

You will find a special guide for the brides, with tips and tricks for wedding day beauty, as well as a guide for the grooms; a flier telling you why engagement shoots (pre-wedding shoots/love shoots) are on the very top of my recommendations; a brochure offering you information over my studio policies and what to expect from working with me, along with tips for group shots and things to keep in mind when hiring a venue. Speaking of venues, I am also offering a list of my favorite vendors from the Netherlands, to make your job easier when you’re searching for them. You will find our price list + reasons why albums are so important; a welcoming letter telling you a bit more about me and Daniel (my husband and second shooter) and a small gift from me to you, to help you relax a bit before you start freaking out on your “to do list”. 🙂

This is it, folks! I hope this will be the start of an amazing experience, so enjoy my warm welcome! 🙂

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