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Where did BLOOMING LIGHT go?!

I’ve been hiding under Blooming Light Photography for so long now. But it was high time for a change. Here’s why:

I’ve always hated my name. Ever since I can remember. Ruth.. bahhh! I used to dream I could change that dreaded name and instead, pick one that I would not be embarrassed with. When I was a kid, I hated it because people, in their cultural ignorance, would ask me why I have a boy’s name (yup. that happened). I used to dream my name was Sarah. Together with my childhood best friend, we would write novels and live vicariously through our characters. Of course, the characters would depict us, but my fictional name was always Sarah.

When I was a teenager, I hated it because of its meaning: “friend”. Because it represented me through and through, but that was more a curse than a blessing since I could seldom find someone to also be a real friend to me (teenagehood, y’all…).

When I was in college, I would have to give a different name every time I’d call a cab. They never seemed to understand a simple word as “Ruth”, so I’d give them a common Romanian name, “Ioana”. Yes. You can start laughing now, if you haven’t already:).

When I started my business, I automatically searched for a name that would represent my photography style. And so “blooming light” was born. Because I live for light, and light breathes through me. But I soon started realizing, this is not all.

There’s more to the story.

Ruth is not just love for light. Ruth is a whole being, a soul in love with beauty, hungry for emotion and vulnerable to friendship. My heart, with its secret and much too vibrant paths, is flawlessly knitted by a perfect Creator who never makes mistakes.

Ruth stands for “friend” and that is what screams “me” the most. I cannot function without a friend, and I cannot be happy if I am not a friend to someone. Do you know that feeling? When you need to breathe but there’s a lump in your soul preventing you from doing that, and your entire body gets exhausted by the lack of air, you want more, you panic and you almost scream cause the air just isn’t enough? That feeling, when it’s too tight inside you… That is me, me when I’m without people. I need them to feel alive, because people are beautiful and their souls are addictive.

Ruth is a wife, a woman in love head over heels with her man and her man guards her heart with a torch of love. My soul, once completely white under heavy storms, is now replaced by the blossoms of his spring. He came from God, to restore me.

And because he loved her, Ruth became a mother and her heaven continued with the name “Evelyn”, our precious daugther, the healing that came to tame our anger after losing our first pregnancy. Each heartbeat of hers I hold in the palm of my hand and she fulfills the beauty of my name. She is, like me, a friend.

Ruth is spontaneous and hates making appointments with friends for dinners, but has to adapt to the culture she lives in.

Ruth loves puns and to laugh out loud, (if you wanna hear my most favorite joke, the one I’d been saying over and over for the past 7 years, do get in touch!) and is obsessed with TV series and french fries (seriously, I would share anything with you, but do not touch my fries or I’ll go all passive agressive on ya!)

Ruth loves life in all its raw and complex essence and tries to live out all her dreams, believing that happiness can be achieved not by things, but by attitude and power of will.

I do.

I believe dreams are worth pursuing, because settling is death to the soul.

This and more, is what makes me, me. I will not hide anymore. I will not conceal my being behind a generic name, and I will not hide behind my business name.

My business is me.

You hire me, you get the whole package. You get Ruth, the person, the one who will listen to your heart and be so excited about all your stories (yes, you can even tell me funny tales about your cats, I’m ALL IN!). You’ll get a person who is sympathetic to your needs, believes in you being one of a kind and will definitely treat you accordingly. You do not just get “blooming light”, I will not only offer you bright, airy images, but you are in for a whole experience through which I’ll do my best to serve you with everything that you deserve.

This is me, y’all.

This is Ruth Los.


a   G I F T   f o r   y o u